RSPCA Onesie Wednesday

RSPCA Onesie Wednesday

RSPCA Onesie Wednesday

Ever wanted to be an animal for a day? On Onesie Wednesday you can! Join forces with RSPCA WA on Wednesday the 8th of October 2014, (also known as Onesie Wednesday) and wear a onesie for the day in support of animals in need!

Getting involved is easy and the options are endless;

1. Nominate a "onesie winner". 

Nominate your manager, a friend, a parent or even your CEO to wear a onesie on Onesie Wednesday. This person decides on a sum that needs to be donated to RSPCA WA in order for him/her to wear the onesie - then all you need to do is to make sure people donate to RSPCA and you are promised a laugh on Onesie Wednesday! 

If your "Onesie Winner" doesn't want to wear a onesie? No worries! Make them buy an "offload the onesie pass" - by donating to RSPCA WA and help real animals in need!

2. RSPCA Onesie Free Dress Day: 

Get everyone at work or your social group to wear a onesie for the day and donate to RSPCA for the privilege! 

However you chose to participate in Onesie Wednesday, the most important thing is to have fun in an animal onesie for the day and remember the real animals in need - and how you can help them! 

To register your Onesie Winner or get more info about raising money for Onesie Wednesday, email

Plus once you register you will be sent through you Onesie discount code to recieve a huge 40% discount on purchasing your Onesie through KCM Australia! Check out their huge range of Onesies on their website:


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